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  • How To Become Searchable Online

    When people conduct a search for your brand, products, or services, does whatever it is you provide or your name populate as a search result? Are you searchable online?
    If the answer is “No”, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.
    Optimized content is King!
    You want to make sure that any piece of content […]

  • Credit Repair: Does it really work?

    You might be wondering if credit repair really works, and the short answer is “Yes.” Here’s a little snippet of my own personal story regarding the credit restoration process.

    Getting my credit repaired after my divorce has been an interesting journey; the bureaus have been frustrating beyond belief… Bureau #1 removed/deleted the item I was disputing […]

  • How To Quickly Become An Online Leader

    If you’ve been trying to figure out how to quickly become an online leader, then you’ll love me for this post. I’ve been achieving some good results online and in a very short amount of time. I came back online September 7, 2017, and I’ve been building my following and digital marketing franchise every single […]

  • Who Is Lee Caldwell of Austin Texas

    Who Is Lee Caldwell? Thanks for asking. I’m an easy-going, pretty laid-back, fun woman who loves a good laugh, and often wears a huge smile on my face. I live for peace; I think it’s the best feeling on earth. I enjoy family, channeling my inner child by going to places that have arcades and […]