Daily Method of Operation for Business Owners

Having a daily method of operation can be outright annoying. Did I nail that or what? I can’t stand doing the same thing day in and day out; it drives me crazy. I like excitement to the max! If I could travel every month to different parts of the world with a nice colorful drink and some exotic fruit on the rim of my glass, I would be in heaven (let me tell you).

The last thing I want to do is handle any hands-on business at this point. I’m sooooo over sitting in front of my computer pecking away and coming up with this idea and that idea; I literally just want and deserve to coast —- and often.

I’m ready to be lazy for a while and chill out. How about you? Do you get this way? Do you get fed up with the mundane? It’s tiresome right? Especially when you want to kick back and spend time with your family or friends, or do whatever the heck you want to do when you want to do it. I so get it.

Do You Have A Daily Method of Operation for Your Business?

Buuuuut, in the meantime, in between time we’ve got work to do right? Absolutely. With that said, let’s get back to the mundane.

As an entrepreneur, do you have a daily method of operation that you revert to and use to ensure things are completed? If not, there is no time like the present.

Basically, focus on the income-producing activities first and then finish all of the other stuff (errands, etc. that keep the business afloat) after you have done the things that bring in the dollars.

Be sure to keep your DMO short so that you aren’t stifled with overwhelm. *Tip: I set a timer for 30 minutes so that I am focused and not distracted while working. Once the timer is set, nothing can interrupt my focus – not social media, family, talk time… I’m focused! Once the 30 minutes is up, I take a 10 minute break and then I go right back to setting the timer again. This strategy helps me get so much done.

Reward yourself once you have completed whatever projects that needed completion. You can choose a big reward if the project was big, or a small reward if you completed a small project, but just be sure to give yourself a pat on the back!

Sample Daily Method of Operation For Small Business Owners

  1. Meditate – 15 or 30 mins
  2. Prior day review – Upcoming Scheduled Meetings/Appointments
  3. Income-Producing Activities (Timer set): Syndicate content on social platforms, email your list, etc
  4. Return Emails, Calls, Social Media (Timer set)
  5. Meditate – 15 or 30 mins
  6. Plan tomorrow’s activities

*Meditation starts your day off right and gets you set to operate in a calm state. Don’t skip this part of your DMO if you want to win your day.

Be very specific with your DMO but again, keep the list small to prevent overwhelm – no more than 10 activities listed at a time. Set timers according to your attention span. If you know you have a difficult time focusing longer than 15 minutes, don’t set your timer longer than that. Once the timer goes off, take a 5-10 minute break and then get back to work.

Although generating and sticking to a DMO is annoying at times, there is so much peace that comes with being organized. If you lack this skill set, outsource it to someone or find a virtual assistant.


If you would like an effective daily method of operation that will help generate more online sales for your business, contact me for online consulting, click here.