How To Become Searchable Online

When people conduct a search for your brand, products, or services, does whatever it is you provide or your name populate as a search result? Are you searchable online?

If the answer is “No”, you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

Optimized content is King!

You want to make sure that any piece of content you have searchable online – optimization is the name of the game. I run a couple of businesses in the security guard industry, and guess what?

If you search for my services in my local area, my companies and my companies’ images will populate as a result.

The same should apply to you.

If people search your name, services, products, etc, videos, images, and content should show up.


How to become searchable online as a small business or brand

It’s not hard to learn how to do this at all; it took me less than 30 days to understand this. The hardest part was being consistent until I got results; now, I get paid residuals for work (content) I created and optimized back in 2012.

Here’s how it works…

You either take the time to learn how it’s done, or you spend the money it takes to outsource this. It can get costly outsourcing, but if you learn how it’s done, you can really cash in and even turn this skill into a profitable business.

For the results that I have for my businesses, companies pay 5 figures a month and higher depending on how competitive the niche is.

If you’re doing any type of business, you want to make sure you are crushing it in your local space, and especially online.

How small businesses can Be Found Online and generate online sales

Tip: Before posting images on social media, save the image as a searchable phrase that your would-be client or audience is searching.

Example: If you have a CBD business, save the image as CBD products in Austin, TX or wherever you’re from. If you have multiple images, use different variations of your products/services and your local area. Ex: Hemp oil products Austin TX, CBD oil Austin Texas, Best CBD companies Austin TX

When people do an online search for any of the examples I’ve just given, your image(s) will populate… then you can tell people “Google Me” – Lol.