Who Is Lee Caldwell of Austin Texas

Who Is Lee Caldwell? Thanks for asking. I’m an easy-going, pretty laid-back, fun woman who loves a good laugh, and often wears a huge smile on my face. I live for peace; I think it’s the best feeling on earth. I enjoy family, channeling my inner child by going to places that have arcades and lots of games. I also appreciate great food and live music… those combined together make for the best escape ever.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I’ve resided in Dallas and Houston as well; I conduct business in both locations, to include San Antonio, but I travel to Houston on a regular basis. Austin, Texas is my love. I recently moved back home and now I’m close to my immediate family again. I lived in Houston for roughly three years… those were some interesting years.

I made many great connections while in Houston. I joined Lakewood church, which was truly a blessing to experience over 40,000 people in the same room worshipping – I can’t put into words what it felt like attending service but each time moved me differently.

Unfortunately, I also had some unforgettable experiences like Hurricane Harvey. To see major highways and your neighborhood under water is beyond devastating. I’m blessed to say that I personally didn’t suffer any losses but we had employees and some of our clients’ employees lose everything… that’s heartbreaking.

What Does Lee Caldwell Do For A Living?

I’m an entrepreneur. I own and operate a few businesses. I understood the power of the internet years ago, and invested time and money into learning search engine optimization and lead generation. I took that knowledge and applied it to my struggling brick and mortar business which resulted in massive results. Now, I focus all of my efforts on digital marketing and those efforts build my businesses.

What Is Lee Caldwell Doing For Others?

I’m living out my purpose and encouraging others to do the same. I think it’s a beautiful gift to share enthusiasm, to uplift others, and to inspire others. We should all do our best to bring light to a dark world. I’m showing people how to ignite their dreams and bring them to reality. I’m showing people how to rekindle their lost hope. I’m showing people how not to accept lack, less than, poverty, and just enough as a final answer. I’m showing people how to take Action and Live in the Moment!

How can I Work With Lee Caldwell?

I love working with individuals who are serious about going to the next level. Whether it’s building an online business, learning the basics of affiliate marketing, finding ways to market your brick and mortar, or knowing how to repair your credit and get out of debt once and for all… Whatever your challenge is, we can map out a plan that will work specifically for you. Reach out to me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.
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