5 Network Marketing Success Tips To Help Grow Your Business

If you’ve ever tried to build a network marketing business, chances are you’re not with the same company you started with; most people fail miserably there first time around.

There are a number of reasons why we fail; I’ll name a few here: Lack of direction or clarity, no support, no daily method of operation, no discipline, no marketing, not fully committed, not enough time (this is a horrible excuse), etc, etc…

I’m sure you can relate to one or more of the above.

So how do you prepare yourself for success in network marketing?

A top executive in my agency shared the following tips, and they were so valuable I had to share them with you.


Successful Tips To Help Grow Your Network Marketing Business:


1. Work with the workers, Run w/the Runners
I used to spend too much time motivating the unmotivated. I fell in love with a person’s potential. Now I work where I am deserved, not needed, and so should you.

2. Your real friends will be exposed.
There are people that owed me money; people that I went out of my way for; people that I supported for every fundraiser (buying popcorn, candy, cookies, raffle tickets, etc…); and some of these same people did not support my business. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

3. Work ethic will beat out talent every day.
I stopped spending time perfecting the script and spent my time using the script. I stopped watching the presentations and started getting people in front of them.

4. My Sponsor is not responsible for my success.
I used to think that it was my sponsor’s role to make me successful. Then one day I realized that I could outwork, out-earn, and outproduce my upline… And so, we did.

5. In due time… THINGS CHANGE!
The same people that start the journey with you may not be there when you cross the finish line. People quit, and Sponsors leave, and it’s ok. It won’t make or break you.”


How To Succeed In Network Marketing

Those are words of wisdom right there. We can choose to make our journey difficult, or we can learn from the mistakes of those who have been there, done that… The choice is ours.

I’ll leave you with this. I attended a Rank Makers event last month in Dallas, TX. Ray Higdon was asked what his biggest mistake in network marketing was; he said, “Thinking that everyone had my same level of desire.”

That statement applies to anyone operating a business. As the owner, CEO, entrepreneur, or whatever title you give yourself, you must fully understand that everyone won’t possess your same level of desire, and you have to be willing to meet people where they are.

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