Credit Repair: Does it really work?

You might be wondering if credit repair really works, and the short answer is “Yes.” Here’s a little snippet of my own personal story regarding the credit restoration process.

Getting my credit repaired after my divorce has been an interesting journey; the bureaus have been frustrating beyond belief… Bureau #1 removed/deleted the item I was disputing from my file within 2 ½ weeks.

Bureau #2 removed/deleted the item I was disputing from my file within 4 months (exact same item). Bureau #3 removed/deleted the item I was disputing from my file within 12 months (yep, the same item).

I was annoyed and a bunch of other words I won’t display here, but patience and commitment to finish what I started has my credit file clean as a whistle, most of my debt wiped out (majority of good debt now remaining), and a credit score that will allow lenders to say “approved”.

Recently, I went to the Lexus dealership; they ran my credit and approved me for a 2019 RX 350… ZERO down, 2.9% interest rate, and only 28 miles on Miss Sassy… that new car smell is giving me LIFE. This would not have been my story a year ago; in fact, they would have laughed me right out of the building.

At times it was tough, but I refused to give up; I was fully committed to the process, and I received results for sticking with it. Most people give up too soon or they aren’t even willing to try to fix their credit.

What’s the best way to clean up credit?

I often hear people tell me how fixing their credit isn’t a priority or they’re okay with having bad credit for the time being. The worst thing you can do to yourself and/or your loved ones is play around with your credit because eventually you will need it.

Society teaches us to be reactive… wait til the last minute to get things done or do absolutely nothing until all hell breaks loose. I’m sorry, but none of us can really afford to do that.

You may not want a new car or home; you may need a business loan or a loan to help someone else… you may need an apartment, cable, a cell phone, a new job, who knows…. I can tell you this, credit (fair, good, or excellent credit) will be a requirement.

Do yourself a favor, take care of business; don’t sleep on getting your credit together. It’s a process but when you begin to get results, you and your family will reap the benefits.

Which credit repair companies in Texas are legit and professional?

I’ve had my credit business now for over 13 months and I tell you, this is one of the most rewarding businesses I have because I help people understand the importance of credit and how it affects not only them but their loved ones as well.

When you have an understanding and awareness, you no longer find it necessary to avoid or procrastinate; you address your issues and do whatever it takes to get things resolved.

If you’ve been procrastinating or avoiding credit repair and you’re exhausted and want results, contact me now and let’s get those results you deserve.